Blink explores dance art in Sweden and Berlin with a special emphasis on contemporary dance discourses. Blink reflects the current dance-scene issues and opens a dialogue between quotidian culture and personal choice. Its aim is to develop a more refined and specific exchange and to present dance in new contexts. This endeavor opens new opportunities for artistic as well as curatorial activity within the existing canon of todays contemporary dance.


Blink’s intention

is to reflect forms of dance production within northern Europe’s self-transforming cultural geography. Blink wants to present work that play a decisive role in the formation of a new mobile european dance-scene. Our emphasis is on topographic, geographic and good-old intuitive variables as tolls of orientation. 


The point of departure

for Blink is to be found in the discursive tendencies that are developing simultaneously and internationally. Blink works for dance with a general focus that rests in a transgeographic conception of dance-art, less interested in spaces as physical sites of production and more oriented toward exploring the ways in which their manifestations can be coherently interrelated.



understands itself as a process-oriented structure that makes actions resound in the contemporary dance scene. Its collecting activities go beyond the theatre-presentations of performance-art and the possibilities for its representation are multifarious. Blink's structure offers a flexible working platform that is in continual contact with current dance production both in Sweden and in Berlin, is finding collaborations but is independent of any institutional theater or organization. Our actions take pla­ce in the form of curated projects in cooperation with theater institutions and art-centers and also in col­laboration with the artists themselves. Blink seeks constant change and will always choose.

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